Circus Artist


Category: Diabolo act

Location: Indoor & Outdoor

Duration: 7 minutes

Music: All rights reserved

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"Senses" / Diabolo
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David Eisele explores the borders between animal and human, mutating into a species which aims to manipulate Diabolos. Instincts, reflexes and natural senses are taking over in the oldest game of finding the balance between survival, play and living in the moment. In an enthralling, captivating and engrossing performance David Eisele mixes exclusive diabolo skills in which he uses his whole body to manipulate and control his props with a characteristic and grounded movement style. Be pleased by the released and absolutely innocent floating moment of a flying object. The Diabolo.


BNG Prize 2018

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"Sawdust Symphony"  

Category: Collaboration [3 Artists]

Location: Indoor [& outdoor / site specific]

Duration: 60 minutes

Trailer:  Tap HERE

Booking from 2026 on through: Aurora Nova


Sawdust Symphony is a contemporary circus performance about the process of creating. The piece and its topic are enlivened by object manipulation, movement research and magic illusions. Tools - such as drilling machines, belt sanders, jigsaws - become playing partners for the three performers on stage.  In a society where craftsman's trade becomes less popular, Sawdust Symphony wants to play with the purpose and romance of power tools and the smell of freshly cut wood.

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"Tornado´s Eye"

( Working Title )

- A solo performance about a musician who spins with you into a different universe. -

Category:  Solo show

Location:  Indoor

Duration:  50 minutes

Premiere:  Autumn 2025

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About Tornado's Eye:

A step into the peaceful living room of a cellist.
Tornado´s Eye, the quiet heart of the storm, the inevitable base for powerful external movement. Also called 'eye of the storm’.
The show dives into the polarity and struggle of keeping a calm and controlled center while joining the whirlwinds in the outside. The Balance from one and the other. 
Arriving from the outside winds to finding the tornado´s eye, helps to remember the purpose of the flight.
A journey with stability and loss of control. Taken through the lens of an extraordinary musician. David Eisele presents a fusion of mesmerising object manipulation and cello music united by one common thread: the art of spinning.
A contemporary circus adventure that spins you into a joyful universe, which touches the heart of our Tornado.
Paramjyoti Carola Stieber, an idol for soulful movement, serves as the primary inspiration on the journey for TORNADO'S EYE.


  • Circusstad Festival, NL
  • Korzo Theater Den Haag, NL 
  • Dynamo Odense, DK
  • TheaterTotal Bochum, DE
  • Perplx, BE
  • Cirque Intense, DE
  • Wolang e.V., DE

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Sawdust Symphony:


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